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healing. Given this reality how many facilities actively make use of these findings? Are there "active" prayer groups for the patients who request this service (and is it actively made available as an option to patients). Personally, I would be willing to spend time each day praying for patients who requested the service and I bet many other nurses would be willing to do the same. I don't even consider this to be a "religious issue" since most studies that have examined the topic have concluded that ANY prayer without regard to specific faith, seems to be effective. Indeed, even many mainline quantum physicists are coming to acknowlege the very real role that "non locality principals" seem to play in our universe. For instance experiments at CERN and elsewhere have confirmed that the mere observation of an event seems to have ramifications upon its outcome (the famous Schrodinger's cat thought experiment served as the basis for these experiments). Other studies have concluded that praying for or against microbes in the lab can significantly accelerate or hinder their growth. What is more, unlike drugs prayer has virtually no negative side effects (especially since DISTANCE of the prayor from the prayee doesn't seem to effect its efficacy). I realize that many "non personal" prayer groups exist. However, I think that there is something to be said for actually knowing what the person looks like and a little about the person for whom you are praying (as nurses know their patients).

Are these findings being put to "work" in our health care institutions? If not what are nurses doing in the fight to see that they are? After all are not nurses pioneers in the field of "holistic" medicine?

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In 34 years of nursing in Australia, I have witnessed some amazingly inspirational outcomes when health care is supported by prayer.

One thing that has also impacted on me; those patients who have a faith, and also pray, always seem cope with, & overcome whatever it is that challenges them. Whether it be a terminal illness, or some other, less life threatening, illness. It never ceases to inspire & amaze me how those people who "believe" and pray, more often than not, have much better outcomes. Or, at least they deal with their illness in a dignified, calm & "healthy" way.

I've also been privileged to witness it personally within my own family, and through friend's. Always the same, a positive outcome, and/or, a positive dealing with the illness if terminal.

I'm also of the opinion, when nurses tend their patients in a manner which is "Christ like", both the nurse and the patient, benefit!


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Prayer can only help

Prayer can never hurt

any other thoughts are only inbetween

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