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theraputic phlebotomy

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The therapeutic phlebotomy patient's are now being done in our same day unit. My research has not given any real answer as to how long to keep the patient after the phlebotomy is completed. We have a policy in place for the surgical patients of one hour which seems too long for the phlebotomy patient. Are any other nursing units seeing the shift and how long do you keep the patient post phlebotomy? Any help would be appreciated.

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I work at an outpatient oncology clinic where we give chemo, iron infusions, IVIG, etc. We have several patients who recieve therapeutic phlebotomies on a regular basis. Our protocol is to watch them for 30min after the procedure and provide them w/ juice, water, crackers, etc. if need be

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At the places I have worked we based the time they waited on how well the patient tolerated in the past.

Standard new patient was about 15 minutes. Tolerated really well in past then maybe 5.

INS S&P states

F. After completion of the phlebotomy, hemostasis

should be maintained at the venipuncture site after

removal of a peripheral catheter, and the patient

should remain in a reclining position for several minutes.



Thank you. We appreciate your information.