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I would like some information on Pender's theroy please i will apreciate any help i received


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is this Nola Pender?

In my Fundamentals of Nursing Canadian Edition

chapter 10 "Health Promotion"

Pender's health promotion model focuses on health-promoting behaviours, rather than health-protecting or preventive behaviours. Determinants of health-promoting behaviours are categorized into (1) cognitive-perceptual factors, (2) modifying factors, and (3) cues to action

Cognitive-Perceptual Factors are: the importance of health, perceived control, perceived self-efficacy, definitin of health, perceived health status, perceived benefits of health-promoting behaviours, and perceived barriers

Modifying Factors are: demographic factors, biological characteristics, interpersonal characteristics, situational factors, and behavioural factors

Cues to action are: cues of internal origin and cues of external origin

Hope it's a help or a start

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Where have you looked? Have you done a literature search? Have you read about her in a textbook? What type of information do you need?

I suggest you start with a basic literature search. Be sure to check theory textbooks in addition to journal articles. Then post any questions you have about what you are reading.

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