The waiting game, when is it okay to check in?


Hey all. So I had both of my second interviews early last week. Both went well I think. I have heard back positively for a third and final interview with one but not the other. I know there are other candidates to be interviewed but this one that I have not heard from yet would be my preference. Is it too early to check in for a status update?

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How long has it been? Did they give you an expected timeline on how long before they would be done with the second round of interviews? What is the process from here on out, offers, or a third interview?

There is nothing wrong with touching base, hopefully you already thanked them for the interview. Assuming they told you the second round of interviews would be complete by now and whatever is next would be starting soon, I would tell them thanks again for interviewing me, I'm really excited about the opportunity and their facility is my first choice. Unfortunately, I can't wait around and am pursuing other opportunities as well. Any information they can give me to help me make the right decision would be appreciated.

I would direct this at someone who is not in HR, unless you really have connected with the HR person. 99% of the time it's the actual directors from the department (or someone in the department, other than HR) who are making the decisions. Always remain positive in your dealings with these people, even if they pass on you, "sorry to hear that, I know I would have been a good asset to your facility and would have learned and grown tremendously by working there....blah, blah, blah". You never know when their plans may change and they may want to interview you again, or someone else turns them down and your in the running again.

Good Luck!



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I think checking in is a great idea! I agree with Zmansc.. Even if you don't get the position now, you never know if another interviewer will accept the position and/or work out. Make them remember you! Checking in makes you seem eager and responsible. All which are great traits in a new employee.



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For interviews (school, work, etc.), I always make it a point to ask about timelines at the end of the interview. I tend to have anxiety when I have no idea when I should expect to hear back and/or if I will hear back if the answer is 'no'. I also agree with zmansc about thanking your interviewers. This is often a good way to gauge a timeline and their interest. It is also memorable to the interviewers and relatively simple to complete.

Barring that, I think 2 weeks is probably a good amount of time to wait if you know other people are being interviewed. Scheduling interviews for multiple candidates can often span several weeks based of individual schedules and, if nothing else, they can update you with a possible timeline.