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So I submitted the last of my documents on Friday for my packet. The CV review has been submitted for the M5 identifier, the physical has been submitted, and the packet is complete, I just have to meet the recruiter to sign it. I guess the waiting officially begins now. Hopefully everything will be approved in time for the November Board. Does anyone have a clue when we could be seated for OBC if we get approved in November?

BTW this is for Active Duty Army Commission.

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My recruiter told me there had been something like a 6 to 8-month gap between boarding and OBLC/BOLC for her people. I'm anticipating that I won't go anywhere until May, if all goes well. Not sure what the OBLC/BOLC schedule is like -- it's five times a year, right?

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I am actually not sure. I have heard 5 million different things as far as when OBC is and what it entails, how long it is etc. I did a little reviewing on the Army ATTRS site (site for all things training related) and I found the listing of courses for the OBC common core classes (7 weeks) and the ANC (Nurse Specific) classes. I think you must complete the common course prior to being enrolled in the Nurse specific course.

Here are the dates for the common course:

Start Date End Date

6 Oct 10 3 Dec 10

26 Jan 11 21 Mar 11

23 Mar 11 16 May 11

13 Jul 11 6 Sep 11

22 Aug 11 17 Oct 11

Here are the dates for the Nurse Specific Course:

Start Date End Date

6 Dec 10 17 Dec 10

22 Mar 11 4 Apr 11

17 May 11 31 May 11

7 Sep 11 20 Sep 11

Do you know what happens during the time that your packet gets approved till you get a school slot? :rolleyes:

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Do you know what happens during the time that your packet gets approved till you get a school slot? :rolleyes:

I'm going to guess ............... nothing! :) LOL!! Really, I don't know. Thanks for posting the dates, though. My recruiter said I probably wouldn't go anywhere until March (I said May before, meant March) at the earliest, and that seems to coincide with those dates.

I'm such a planner, and I can't plan a thing right now. This is probably good therapy for me in some twisted fashion. :D I can't fight it, so I'll just embrace it!

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Umm yeah better for you to come to terms with this now...

The army has a phrase "hurry up and wait" if things go according to plan this will be a phrase that you become very acquainted with.

I think our situations are a little different since I am already enlisted and in the Reserve, although I am not sure how much. I might make a recommendation, start putting away some cash maybe $50 per pay period. You will have to buy uniforms/gear, and have some to get you through the first few weeks 'til pay kicks in. Usually travel pay is not reimbursed until you get to your first unit, and even then it can take 2-3 weeks to get processed.

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I'm a military brat, I'm familiar with the "hurry up and wait" way of life. :D Just on a slightly different scale and from a slightly different angle! Heh.

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