The Unpredictable Work of Dying

Dying can be sudden, but it can also be a much longer journey than our patients or they families hoped. In this article the author explores our roles as nurses in supporting people through the sometimes long journey.


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Thank you so much for sharing this. You write beautifully and pointed out some very valid truths. I worked in both palliative care & trauma and very often people do not pass in the exact way and as easily as the family and us as nurses hope for. However, communication with the family is key along with honesty. It is truly a privilege to be with people and their families in the last and very individual moments of their lives. To those of you who have been a part of these moments as nurses God bless you for your service. This article was extremely well written.

Thank you for your kind comments. As you point out, we are all unique --in every way--including in the way we die. This variety can catch us off guard. As nurses, we have a special role in helping patients and families through the process.Joy