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The tragedy @ Newtown, Ct


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Dear fellow nurses, What would cause someone to do this kind of act ? I understand the brother said Adam Lanza was Autistic, he was very smart , he was a loner, friends said " that sounds like something he would do."

How can we help families with these kinds of explosive disorders?exposi

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Society already throws those with mental illnesses (and our elders) away. Now we're going to demonize the autistic kids? Now every kid with autism has to be watched and monitored?

Now...autism is an 'explosive' disorder?

Since when and, more importantly, why?

...because the media said so?

Your question bothers me on so many levels and I don't even have a mental illness.

I'll tell you what I think:

Any one of us can suffer a traumatic event (or not) and end up stricken with a mental illness. Post-Partum Depression, PTSD...hello?

Every individual dealing with a mental illness isn't 'one in the same'. Every individual who has a mental illness isn't low-functioning or a human powder keg ready to explode.

If people didn't paint with such a broad and stupid brush, those who have a mental illness wouldn't duck treatment (counseling/meds/therapy) or self-treat with drugs and alcohol because they've been made to feel ashamed of having 'depression', 'bipolar disorder', 'schizophrenia', etc....

If people tried to UNDERSTAND, the loved ones of these individuals wouldn't feel compelled to sweep it under the carpet.

"Well - Johnny just stays in his room. It's odd that he doesn't have much of a social life. This week he's hardly moved at all. Just been in bed... but he's probably ok. I guess...."

Well - why don't you open a line of communication and stop assuming, dear loved one? TALK TO 'Johnny' and find out.


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I agree with you 100%! I too feel that you can not put all mental illness in the same basket! I have worked in the field of psych & am very much aware of the differences. My question was how can we help these patients & their families, so that they are not wrongly classified as monsters!

In many cases, they fall through the medical insurance cracks & have no way to get the help that the pt. & family need.

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