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Hi Students,

I started a web-site just for students back when I was attending an ADN program in 1998.

I got my ADN in 2000, LPN in '93, and CNA in '91.

The site has reveiws of the best study guides and care-plan books I've found, best tutorial links, study hints, practical advice, and writings for, about and by nurses and nursing students. Also, there are reviews of nursing books to read for FUN, not related to school work.

MSN will tell you that you have to be member of the site, but you don't. I set it up so that anyone can view the pages/info there.

Please feel free to check it out. Hope you find the info there to be helpful and fun!


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Kewl.... i will check it out. thanks for the info!



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Thanks much! Today is my 1st day of school. Its been nice being "off" for 3 months, now no job to run too, but school to run too instead.


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I have been visiting you for a long time!!! I found you on the top ten nursing websites, I think!! I occassionally pop in to retake a quiz just to see if I remember all the stuff.....

Thanks for your guidance the last few years!!! :D



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thanks. i will check it out.


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Thanks, I saved the site so that I can look at it in more detail later.


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Thanks for that.........I am sure I will find the info handy! :)

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