The Stress of LTC

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There is no preparation for stress in LTC---for the nurse! It can be crushing to us. So many ways this happens. How do you handle it? (me, I just cry for a few minutes and move on). We have the ridiculous med pass for starters. But throw in new orders, low BS, behaviors, tube feedings, IV's, refused meds--almost every night. And that's if everything is going kind of okay. We have medicares, weekly summaries, too. And I have a great DON and Adminstrator, but still feel like I'm going to break.

For funny, though, one of the res claims she has chest pains at midnight because the laundry is still on the floor (100 ft from her room) at 2000.

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Are you in Long Term Care or a Long Term Acute Care Hospital?

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LTC. I guess I posted in the wrong place. Sorry. Please delete it if you can. Thanks :)

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No biggie I just want to direct it so you can get what you need! Thread moved!

I tend to vent alot. I also try to remind myself it's just a med pass, and the world will not end if I don't get the night time med pass done exactly on time..... sometimes I have to take deep breaths when I get interupted for something that really can either wait or is unnecessary........

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Deep breath. and handle one thing at a time. :)

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