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This is to all nurses that studied and graduated in a different country, like me (Philippines) who are preparing to take the NCLEX.

I recently passed the NCLEX exam last March. I graduated in 2012 in the Philippines, currently a resident in New York City. It took me almost 2 years to process everything with the help of my sister who is an RN too. I was enjoying my job as a Patient Care Dialysis technician so much, i didn't bother to study or read the Review books i purchased in preparation for the NCLEX. It's been with me for almost 2 years now, I have like 4 books! Still looks new! And i enrolled in another online review center, but i didn't use it!

So then my ATT came on December 31,2013, and i have 3 months to decide when i can take the exam. In the first a month i didn't study much! My parents told me to focus on the review and quit my job. So, I did.

I decided to enroll to KAPLAN Review for Nurses. They have other options what type of review you can enroll in. I enrolled in the International Review for nurses. We meet twice a week for 4 hours, and they have tools that really helped me. They teach you strategies how to answer the nclex. They provided us books and have tools that were available online, it has videos so it felt like an online review, they thousands and thousands of practice questions available!

For me, reading a review book can be helpful, but what really helped me was I kept on doing the practice questions! I did not really study the book they provided, but what i did was did all the practice questions and review the correct answers. It will show you what area you are the weakest so you can improve on it. I just keep on taking practice questions i answered almost 2 thousand practice questions in less than 2 months.


So, where are you planning to enroll for your review?:up:

COngratulations. Please what is this review and how can one enroll online?


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COngratulations. Please what is this review and how can one enroll online?

Thanks! It's KAPLAN review. You google it for more info. It really helped me a lot!

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