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The "make or break" classes,how to cope?!?!

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I was talking to my dad and he said every degree has 1 or 2 "make it or break it" classes where alot of people drop out or fail out. What classes seemed to be the "make it or break it" in nursing? And what did you do to make it thru them?

Well...pretty much all of our classes are make it or break it. We can repeat one clinical class once and if we fail more than that, we're done. I think at my school we lose most people in the first quarter (principles and health assessment) and then second quarter (3 clinicals and pharmacology).

I don't do anything specific to cope- I just study and focus on doing well. I get any academic help I need, and I make sure school isn't my whole life.


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I agree with hiddencat that all nursing classes are important. Its not one that will make you or break you, its a combination of them all. I have talked to some of my clinical instructors who advised that the teachers from all the different classes get together twice a semester to discuss student progress. So they don't look at what you are doing in just one class but how you are progessing overall. You are making a big step becoming a nurse so treat all your courses and clinical with respect doing the best you can in all of them. Recognize your strenghts and weaknesses and seek assistance if you find yourself slipping behind in any areas. Good luck.