The movie, Pearl Harbor! It makes Nursing look respectful!! Go SEE IT!! I loved it!

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My husband and I went to see PEARL HARBOR this weekend!! AND let me tell you right now,

GO SEE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It has made a surreal impression on my life about the events that took place. My mother was only 2 years old when it happened, so I can not judge what is accurate,(since I was not around) but hearing from veterans themselves that were there at PEARL, say that it comes pretty DARN close.

I truelly repect ANYONE who fights for our COUNTRY this day and age, but the BRAVERY that those soldiers had, along with all the NURSES and DOCTORS during this time, makes me speechless. (SOMETHING that never occurs--being seechless!!)

All that was done!! All that was seen!!

The soundtrack is ever so inspiring and meaningful that it brings tears to my eyes when I listen to it. I can picture the soldiers in my mind so vividly.

ALSO, the way that the NURSES were portayed were emaculant!! :) I pictured myself as little girl being a NURSE just like the CARING ones that were portrayed in the movie. :) Maybe other little girls out there will see the movie and will be inspired to become that same NURSE!!

THE movie did QUITE a justice for NURSES!!

Finally, let me just say THANKS TO ALL THE VETERAN's out THERE!! THANKS TO ALL THE NURSES and DOCTORS THAT cared for those FINE GUYS!! You deserve much MORE THAN this country GIVES YOU!!! :) :)

I agree! It was a great movie, but I was expecting more history than a love story. To me... it was a chick flick...hahaha! I went to see the movie with my boyfriend, who is actually going to school to become a pilot and here's me going to school to be a nurse, so it was special in it's own way for us too! :)

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