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The Importance of a Title: Anesthesiologist vs. Nurse Anesthetist

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What's the difference between anesthesiologist vs. Nurse Anesthetist?

When you think of the terms anesthesiologist and nurse anesthetist, do you view them as the same or different? One APN argues that they are the same and he should be able to use either one to describe his role to his patients. Learn more and let us know if you agree. You are reading page 7 of The Importance of a Title: Anesthesiologist vs. Nurse Anesthetist. If you want to start from the beginning Go to First Page.

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An CRNA's were the first practitioners of anesthesia.  The physicians came later when it became possible for them to send a bill.  Before CRNA's, anesthesia was delivered by medical students (what could go wrong?).  We had a professional association before the MDA's.  The large bulk of anesthetics can be delivered by CRNA's safely but the public is paying waaay to much money.  And this is where the politics come in.  It's not as simple as a turf war.  It is developing a rational plan to deliver health care in a safe and cost effective manner...period.  Unfortunately, over the years I have seen more students who are content to do less because MDA's restrict the students from some procedures and keep them too ignorant to work independently.  So, unfortunately, the MD's spends loads of money to their PAC and the CRNA's do the same for theirs.  Money that could be used for education ends up going to lawyers.  They have tried for years to tie up our hands and our brains, but we persist and survive.  Non-CRNA nurses do not have to put up with this crap that takes up a lot of our energy and money.


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