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The Hopsitals that hire new grads in ICU's


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Hey everyone-

Had a question for you all,

can people out there post me a few hospitals that hire new grads to ICU's/CCU's? Especially in the Midwest area. Because other than this site, I've never heard of such a thing. Infact, Im hearing new RN grads having a hard time getting into a bigger hospital around here (even on med/surg) unless they have some experience somewhere else (i.e rural, nursing home etc..) Perhaps I live in a higher nurse population so the hospitals can be more picky... Any posts will be appreciated Thanks

Come to New Zealand, we take new grads in ICU in fact we are so short of nurses we will take them anywhere:chuckle


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In every major city that I know of, they hire new grads for ICU work. I have heard that some prefer new grads, because they can then raise them "right"

I am in KC and St. Luke's is hiring out the wazoo right now, as the Neuo/Surg ICU has recently expanded.

Come to Maryland. Tons of jobs for new grads in ICU.

I'm in Omaha and, with something like a dozen metro-area hospitals, every single one hires new grads directly into ICU.

Where are you at that you can't find the jobs in ICU?

I live in Michigan, Detroit area, and I have 2 standing offers for ICU positions. Now I just have to choose the best unit for me :)

I work at the University of Michigan Hospital and we hire new grads in many of our ICUs.

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