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The Great Scholarship Chase

Does anyone have any information on available scholarships for LPN to RN bridge programs? I just saw the bill for my first semester and am in sticker shock! I can get some tuition assistance from my work and a student loan for some of it, but the rest will be my burden. I can cover this first semester I think, but I need to look to the future to continue. I don't have a nice house I can second mortgage.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you everyone! :)

wow, where i go to school the tuition for the 1 year mobility program is only about 4,500 dollars. i work on a SNU at the local hospital, and they are paying 100 percent of tuition and books.... all the costs are covered... but i have to work for them for a year after graduating, but its a good hospital, so i dont really mind. check with local hospitals, usually they have "scholarships" as mentioned above (the work to pay back kind) good luck to you. ohhh, by the way, i work only weekends, and cashed in my IRA fund, which allows me to work part time and still have enough to pay my bills.

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Visit the NLN (National League for Nursing) website. If your RN program is accredited by the NLN, there's a chance that a scholarship might be out there that perfectly fits you. Good luck with your hunt for money!


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I agree FroggysMom I'm in the same position. I tried narrowing down options on the Johnson and Johnson site which left yet a large selection to look through. The hospital I work for offers a scholarship - only available once you're in the actual nursing program. Soliciting HELP, I live in Ga.

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