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The first year blues

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I am working at a facility that has had quite a few staff that all previously worked at the same facility. There must be at least 7 ppl mostly nurses. In an inservice yesterday I heard management bad mouth other facilities regarding wound care and named each facility. I am wondering is this the norm? I over hear the discussions of nurses being bullied. I know the first year of a new nurse can be hard but I feel like I have been ambushed in just my first few months. I recently returned from suspension after someone stole narcotics and I feel a sense that my reputation has been tarnished from something I didn't do. Just the week before I had to file a statement from a possible sexual assault case. I almost got suspended for that as well due to the reporting of the incident. Is this the norm for a first year nurse??


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Sending you a {{{ HUG}}}.

Some nurses just seem to get hit with every type of problem patient experience. These learning situations can be quite draining.

Hopefully, some day you will look back and reminiscence over the storms you have survived.

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NO! LOL! This is not normal! Nursing is crazy, and things like this do happen. But you mention a few red flags, it's like instinctively you know somethin' ain't right. I'd agree with you there.

I personally would not choose to stay working in a place that suspends people without proof (or reasonable proof) of wrongdoing. And really, if a sexual assault occurred in my work place I'd have no idea where to begin.

It doesn't sound like your management is even minimally supportive. Instead of extending concern to the staff who knew a sexual assault happened (it is a vicarious trauma, and just plain horrible to go through), people are threatened for improper or untimely documentation. Who came to front load you about how critical the documentation for something like this is?

If you work long enough in such a screwed up place, you start internalizing the culture. IOW, people don't ask for help, don't seek education or feedback out of fear, and end up making unnecessary mistakes because of it. You would NEVER know this as a new nurse. Consider it our gift of experience to you :) Seriously. What you describe is NOT normal and you don't have to tolerate working in such a fearful punitive place.

That said I know the patients in this facility need good nurses, and good nurses get driven away. I wish there was a quick and easy solution. In the end, you can't do squat if your license gets a black mark or if you burn out. Taking care of yourself always comes first and that is why.

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It's your first year at this hospital and you've already been suspended? It doesn't matter what for, I think it's time to quit. Start looking for another job asap.