The dreaded varicose veins


I'm sure we all know that the healthcare professions are known for giving varicose veins with the long hours of standing.

I am a new nurse and I'm already starting to see the dreaded little squiggly veins in my calves.

My question is, would knee high compression stocking honestly help, or would knee high socks do about the same thing?

I love my job, but I don't want to sacrifice my body or health. I need to find a good way to keep my legs healthy, while working a job where I'm standing for atleast 7 of the 8 hours.

Any suggestions!?


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Or does anyone know of any vitamins or herbals that are known to improve vascular health?

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To be honest I don't know the difference between knee high compression socks vs. regular knee high socks. I have a couple of pairs of tall boot socks from when I used to ride horses that would probably accomplish the same thing since they are tight. I'm starting to get spider veins in my legs and I have a pair of TEDs that I wear once in a while.

Not sure about vitamins or herbals.

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Jobst 20/30s will help slow their progression. A lot depends on genetics. Stay at a normal weight. Put your legs up at every opportunity.

Had the VNus surgery last year. Worked great!


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I have been using grapeseeds vitamins and I never had a problem about it.