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"The Diane Rehm" show (April 12) on the radio covered the nursing shortage, and nurses concerns. Great program.

"Working conditions deplorable....Conditions for patient care... intolerable...staff completely insufficient". You can listen on Real Player to the program in it's entirety (about 50 min.) The phone calls from nurses were excellent. I urge all nurses to listen to what is happening. Become active in making sure the changes that are coming (and they are coming) are what we want. If we don't keep speaking out we cannot expect changes to benefit us.


Tomorrow the Senate Subcomittee hearings are on so look for those also. Get involved!

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Great show PeggyOhio! Thanks for the post. The nurses calling in were, as you said, excellent. I've seen more media attention to the nurses shortage in the past week than in the last year. It is time to speak up nurses. Please take the time to listen to this show.

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I'm bringing this topic back up to the top, hoping everyone will take the time to listen to this radio program. Click on the blue link in the first post to hear the program. Changes are coming! We must be part of it. Become aware of what is being discussed. Watch for opportunities to give your input, in your institution and in the community, and to your legislators.

After you listen to the show please e-mail "The Diane Rehm Show" ( [email protected] )and let them know we as nurses appreciate this topic being brought into the limelight of public attention so that necessary steps can be taken to rescue our health care system and our profession! We need to let the media know we want more discussion on this topic. The only way is to respond positively to those who do and encourage them to do more on the topic. Please I urge every nurse to listen. This is one small thing you can all do in the comfort of your own homes. It's only an hour of your time. Don't make any excuses. Just do it!

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Although it took me about an hour and twenty minutes d/t my system rebuffering, it was well worth the time. We need to continue to unite and express our opinions about the sometimes intolerable working conditions. If we could get enough nurses to contact the "talk TV programs" about the working conditions in nursing, maybe we could get a national televised audience to tune-in. All the stations have to have e-mail, we just have to find them. I SAY, KEEP THE BALL ROLLING!!!

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That was a great post! Well worth the time to listen. I will forward it to all my nurse colleagues and keep the ball rolling. I intend to forward it to the Oprah show etc. I can't understand why the TV talk shows haven't jumped on this subject. Surely the sandwich generation and the aging boomers must have had contact with the shortage of nurses to care for them and their families...we certainly hear about it in our patient satisfaction surveys.

I'm bringing this up again hoping anyone who missed it will take the time to listen to this program. And more important pass it on and give your feedback.

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