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Hi everybody,

I am a nurse from the Czech Republic and I would like to get my license here in Florida, but everybody is giving me hard times because for every information I have to pay a lot of money and if do not pay only for simple question nobody will help. I do not like those talks about nursing shortage because nobody really cares. I came to the states to travel, got married and stayed here with my husbant, quit my medical school on Charles Univesity and decidet to go back to nursing. I got hired by big Hospital (Floriad Hospital) as a nurse tech. Before I was hired they promised that they would help me finantially with my Florida nursing license and now they say different. I guess my question is if anybody knows a nurse from the Czech Republic or Slovac Republic, how to go about all this expensive paper work. I need to know If it is even worth it because our education is different in a way that we complete a 4 years nursing degree on high schools and it was very difficult to get one and complete my school, plus I have 3 year on medical university. I will appriciate any info and help from you ;) , take care Zdenka


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Hi Jedulks,

Have you tried going to a recruiter or another hospital that would help you? Otherwise I think there is nothing you can do but pay. I know a Czech nurse here who took out a loan before going to our board of nursing. It was paid off by another hospital who recruited her. I wish it was easier, but I don't know the Florida guidelines.


I LOVE the Czech Rep, and lived in Ceske Budejovice for a year. Beautiful place. Tough language though!!!


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thanks for reply, I am glad that you like CZ, I use to study in Ceske Budejovice on University of south Bohemia, I love that place. Who is recruiter? Where shoud I go ask for some? In Florida Hospital they told me, that I have to help myself, like I said nobody cares. Could you please find out how much did she pay for all this? Or coud you give her my e:mail address? Thank you a lot. Are you ever gonna go to CZ ? Czech Language is very difficult, I agree with you, my husbant is tring to lear, but so far he can count till 7 and he is all happy about it :)


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I am not in Florida and neither is my friend, so I don't think she could help all that much. She went through Medistaff or something like that and it cost her a few hundred at least. Of course now she's gone back to the Czech Rep and lives in Hluboka and doesn't have email. You might just try contacting the personell or human resource departments of other hospitals in your area and seeing what they offer. I know there are other recruiters like Peyton O'Grady that specialize in recruiting foreign nurses, but I don't know how to contact them or anything. Try just doing a search on the internet, you might find something.

I would love to go back to CZ, but it's a lot of money to go back. Met some great people and learned to carry on a conversation from a book called "Ucim se cesky". I'm surprised your husband learned to count first, the first thing I learned was "pivo prosim"!

I really miss it there, I loved the history and arts. It was strange to come home where a 100 year old building is considered to be ancient, when the castle at Hluboka was a few hundred years old!


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that is great, Pivo Prosim.... :D that is good. I think that once I take my husban over there he will learn those think from my friends, no doubt, the reason he know how to count till 7 is that we play this game UNO and that is how he learnt.

I will try to do some search on the internet, so far all the papework and translation, tests will cost me over $1000. I am so tired of this, but I cannot give up :) . I already tried human resources, but they dont really care, they will pay $5-10 000 for bonuses but not for getting your lisence :confused: but when I get my lisence I will show them :D . I got all the books and it is not that difficult, our graduations were much more difficult.

If you ever decide to go to CZ let me know I can recomend a lot of good places.


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I have heard that Florida is pretty hard on EVERYBODY who wants a license there.

Are you limited to FLorida? I think Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina are easier.

My grandparents were from Czecholsovakia. I wish I could visit there. Actually they were born right on the border with the Slovak Republic, but that was in 1893!!

Good luck!

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