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The Countdown Begins!!!!!


LPN School starts for me in 4 days!!!!! What about You?

I start September 22 :)

September 27th! Goodluck to us ALL!! :)

Yes, Good Luck to each and everyone of us starting this journey. I pray that we all do well and pass each and every course, also if time permits it we should post about our journey and how school is going.

Good Luck!!!!!

Mscoleman78, let me know how your first day went!!

Going in for my entrance interview today, I should know if I made it into the LPN program hopefully by the end of this week.

I believe my essay answers were very well written, and my entrance score was good ... Still there could be more of you guys that did much better .. seats may be limited.. Hope I am on one of them ... starting Sept 29..

It went well, we just did introductions and class expectations and what not. It went fine, but I have to go Monday thru Friday and tonight is my long night and I get out at 9:30 PM after working 8 hrs at work.

OMG well I will pray for you some extra energy girl!

Well, I will be starting my 3rd week of school next week, this first semester is pretty much pre-reqs and refresher courses. I have been EXTREMELY tired because of my home, work, and school schedule combined. My day starts at 4:30AM and does not end until 9 or 10PM so I am REALLY exhausted. This semester I will be working on my studying and time management schedule because the 2nd semester is when things get really tough. Hang in there, take one day at a time, PRAY, and STUDY Hard!!!!!! Good Luck:-)

This week I will be starting my 5th week of Nursing school and I am tired, but excited and encouraged. I realize anything worth having is worth working hard for and that will be my motto throughout Nursing school. I work 40 hours during the week and do my homework on the weekend. It is tough, but I know the end result will be SO worth it!!!! Stay Positive and Encouraged....Now back to homework:-)

You go girl ! I start class in 2015 ..good luck to u keep up the good work ....Going to school and holding down a 40 hr work week all hands up to u

Thank You, Janaya!!!!! It has been rough, but well worth it. I am just about to end the 8th week and other than being tired and not being able to see my family as much, I am hanging in there. The first year at my school is basically refresher courses, so it is not as difficult. Starting in January, is when we start Fundamentals and the clinicals. So, I am preparing myself mentally for that time and working or a better system of time management. Good Luck to you on your journey!!!!!!!

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Starting out is always the hardest. For me, time management was the hardest. By the second semester you learn what works best for you and develop a routine. Nursing school is even harder when you have other factors (kids, family, work etc.) that contribute to your time. Once you find out what works for you then you will be able to set aside time for other things. Good luck on your journey, keep us updated.

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I'm in week 10 of 15 and I am super excited to be almost finished with the first semester!!!!! I feel like I have a great study system and I have an A average in all of my classes. I am looking forward to second semester and starting clinicals and really getting into the program....Good Luck!!!!!!

Well, I have 3 weeks left in this semester....it has been good, but a lot of hardwork!!!!!! I am super excited about starting the 2nd semester 1/5/2015 because that is when I get into the actual LPN program and start clinicals. I know it is going to require a lot of hardwork, but I am ready for the challenge. Good Luck to everyone!!!!!!!

I have 3 more days left in this semester and I have managed to finish with all A's, I have finals on Monday and Tuesday and one class to attend next Wednesday and I am officially done with my 1st semester.....YAY!!!!!!

Hats of too u......keep up the good work

Well, the first semester is done and finished with....YAY!!!!!! I finished with all A's and I am now enjoying my 2week break from school and work. I return to both school and work on January 5th and I plan to get some well needed rest and relaxation in the meantime. I'm actually really excited about starting the 2nd semester, but for now I will just enjoy my break. Happy Holidays to All!!!!!!!