THE ATT! Dont be I was.


Ok so I went to take my test, what was it two weeks ago? I did something very stupid. Totally oblivious, ready to go, so ready the night before I was in cold sweats but when I woke up the morning of I was in a zen zone. I got to the test checked in and read the rules/instructions the secretary handed me. Then proceeded to get on with the test. Thats when the secretary asked me for my ATT. "Excuse me? The ATT, I thought I only needed that to schedule."

"No Mrs. it was explicitly defined that you need it to enter the testing site."

"OMG what should I do I live an hour away from here. It's in my email account. Can I hop on a computer and show it to you?!"

"No Im sorry, unfortunately we need a hard copy."

"Well can I hop on that computer in front of you and print it?!" "Unfortunately we do not allow for customer use of our computers."

Then she preceded to tell me there was a half hour window from 8am, the start of the test, to come and still enter testing. Basically within a half hour of time I had to run around the surrounding business district and get my ATT printed out. The nearest Staples was 25 minutes away. The human race in Atlantic City, NJ sucks. No one would help me. I ran into 8 or 9 different businesses in the area and every one said the same thing, "Im sorry I cant help you." I was freaking out, all of these people had computers and printers right in front of them and no one could sympathize. (or empathize for that matter because no one could be so stupid as me as to not bring there ATT to the NCLEX.)

FUTURE TEST TAKERS TAKE NOTE: **** Print out your ATT right now if you received it by Email. The ATT, along with specified ID is your ticket into the test.

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That was painful to read. My heart sank for you. It's really a shame nobody would help you...but that's kind of telling about how much of society is.

I hope you can reschedule soon and it will be your last visit for the test.

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