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Thanks, Nursing Assistants

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by pagandeva2000 pagandeva2000, LPN (Member)

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I read the thread that was closed and felt that I should thank the CNAs for their dedication to their jobs. I was a CNA, and worked in a nursing home for two years, then, became a medical assistant, phlebotomist, patient care associate, and am now an LPN.

I do value a caring, observant nursing assistant, because they are the eyes and ears of the unit. You have more hands on with the patients and can tell us that something is wrong. I think that by posting what frustrates you can be an aveune for nurses to remember to value you for who you are. Whether you move on or not, be proud of what you do, and that blessings do come to those that work hard to assist those that cannot help themselves.

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I've worked with some fantastic CNAs, some of whom saved patients' lives by knowing what was normal and what was not. I might be very busy and we all might be running our buns off all shift, but in case I forgot to say it, I DO appreciate you and your hard work.

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