Thanks to chemo nurses


I just want to offer a round of applause to all of you who take care of those patients fighting cancer. My spouse has been battling of 2 years and his wonderful nurses have my utmost respect and gratitude. They have been there for good news and bad. Bless each and every one of you.


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I'll have to join you in commending all of the oncology nurses out there. My sister is a breast cancer survivor and it was GOD who blessed us with wonderful nurses that gave endless comfort and care. Thank YOU!!


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My grandfather (in my eyes, my father) battled cancer for over 2 years before it took his life. I had gone to many a chemo treatments with him down at the VA. Spending the afternoon on the onc unit with his "girls" (as he called them) was truly a highlight of each week for him. They never hestitated to sit down and chat with us, to take general interest in his life or to even remind him that he was not alone.

You guys are such an inspiration and I hope I am able to become just like you. Thanks for all you do for all of your patients and their families, each of you are a blessing. :)

God Bless!

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