ThankGUAM PCS orders with Dependent RN


Good Morning,

I just received my orders to Guam is there any good advice you can give to a new ENS RN moving? Will there be an opportunity for my girlfriend to work she is a RN also, if so what is the salary for civilians? I was thinking to buy a house, how is the housing market?

Thank you for any information


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I spent 3 years in Guam. Getting jobs in Guam is very competitive for different reasons than you would experience in the U.S.--even for nurses. It just depends on her experience. She will have a good chance if she is E.R. Naval Hospital Guam's E.R. and ICU are the busiest in the Navy. It's a very unique experience. I can guarantee that you will leave there a very competent nurse as I saw some of the sickest patients I ever saw. There are no SNF or Hospice facilities. There is no VA, so the vets all default to Naval Hospital. You will definitely learn a lot. Most of the junior officers stay on base as local rent is determined by your pay grade not by size or location.


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Hi! Im a civilian nurse at the local naval hospital. Your girlfriend would have chance at USNH Guam if you contact HR/Contracting/ Materials Management offices prior to coming over about contract positions; GS positions are harder to come by and often incumbent nurses get those positions. RN position at the local hospital is about 17.07/hr with meger benefits. There is a new private hospital opening up in the north (dededo village) about April time frame at about 20-25/hour, no benefits (I got hired, but will not be taking the spot) . There is a VA clinic on Guam and right now a friend of mine says they are looking for RNs. Local home health companies are ALWAYS looking for nurses. Housing market is a sellers market as is with everything else on Guam; EVERYTHING here is about 40-60% more than in the states. Hope this helps :)


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hi my husband is in military too and will move to guam soon.. i just got my RN license in oregon im just wondering if theres a lot of entry jobs there for new nurses? and also how did you guys endorse your license? i was looking for any information online and cant find anything i believe they dont do online.. i saw one a pdf file but its so confusing.. i just want a specific requirements for endorsement so i can start the process before going to Guam.. Thank you so much :)