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I'm not a hospine nurse, actually a school nurse, however my father was terminally ill last year and one year ago today we engaged hospice. He only lived a week. 20 years with hep. c , 1 liver transplant, and finally hepatic/renal failure and he had a bleed. We spent one week at home with my father, which was his dying wish, to be at home with his family. Our hospice nurse was Amber, and she was a miracle to us. We could not have done it without her and the nurses that called too.

I just wanted to tell you all that what you do is amazing :heartbeat You are all angels who help not only the patient, but the family as well. I can't imagine what the process would have been like without nurses like you. So. THANK YOU, for being the angels you are. :heartbeat:heartbeat:heartbeat


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I am so glad that I saw this post. I have also wanted to thank all nurses who go into hospice. I lost my dad March 21 after a short bout of CHF. We only had hospice for a week before he passed, but they were such a great help to us.

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I also want to thank all you hospice nurses for doing what you do. I cannot imagine a more emotionall difficult, yet fulfilling specialty. The anniversary of my father's death was Monday. He died the day before I started NS and never got to see me as a nurse. I cannot think of his last weeks without thinking about a certain very special hospice nurse who helped us all greatly. Thank you!

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