THANK YOU to the Kansis City RN's

Nurses Safety


I want to start by THANKING the two RN's

from Kansis City who were seen on CNN News

last night. (I believe that they were

representing the Federation of Nursing.)

They were featured on the story "Nursing

Shortage." (The story can be heard every

hour on CNN. --And NO this is not an

advertisement for CNN. I do not prefer

their broadcasting ability.)

This story was just a start in the battle

we are "getting" ready to fight. I am sure

most of us all have already faced

the 'crunch, but for those who have not, GET

READY!!! We, as nurses, need to stand up

and tell our stories just like these two


I work at a facility that does not have a

union, but our sister facility does. Most

nurses from that facility have stated that

the union has helped them. Others disagree,

stating that the Union has only taken their

money. I have never believed in unions,

maybe because I naver have been a part of

one. I do believe that our PROFESSION is

hurting and that something needs to be

done. Maybe, UNIONS can ba an answer. But

I was 'told' (by a very respected instructor)

as a student nurse, that being a member of a

union is "UNPROFESSIONAL." She told me that

NURSES should do their own 'fighting.' She

stated, "This is why we have nursing


I asked myself the question, "How can

unions be 'unprofessional?'" Look at all

those teachers that belong to unions. Are

they considered unprofessional because they

are part of a union??? They typically get

MOST of what they want and also get sympathy

from the public. (And YES, MOST of the

time.) My mother is a teacher and she

belongs to a union that works hard for her.

She is very well respected of in the

teaching community. I also know that she is

quite professional even with a membership in

a union.

As our profession moves into the 21st

century, will it take a union to get the

ball rolling to make a change? Or can WE as

a PROFESSION stand up together like these

two RN's ( Julie and Leslie) did to fight

for what we believe?

If you believe that WE as a Profession

can "hold strong" and fight for ourselves

please post reply ways each of us can do so

in our daily lives!!!!

If you feel that we need help and that

Unions are the answer, please post reply


OR-- If you are a Union member and your

union has helped your working environment,

please post reply and tell us about it.

I hope you all think about this and talk

about it with other nurses.

Hope to hear from you on the BB!

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If you go to the General discussion area, you will find a more active area with topics that cover just this. Also, there are PA nurses that are very active there.

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