Thank you users "loveanesthesia" and "esme12"!!

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I just wanted to publicly thank the above users for the best intubation advise I have ever been given!!

I posted a thread a few months ago becuase I am a paramedic returning to the field after being per diem for a few years, and I was having lots of trouble seeing vocal cords.

You both told me to pull back the blade because I may be pushing the epiglotis forward which would obstruct my view!

Well guess what, the other day I had a taumatic cardiac arrest and had to intubate with no sniffing position and without moving the head or neck. I got the same view I alsways have, obstructed, but as soon as I pulled the blade back a bit WHAAALAAA vocal cords! So you were both right I was going to deep and pushing the epiglotis forward and it was what was causing my difficulty!

Thank you both so much! What a difference a few words of advise make!

P.S. I was under the screen name sweetooth EMTP, RN back then...


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You are welcome!!!!! :hug: anytime!!!!!!!!!!!!

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