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I just wanted to thank you guys and gals. I work as a CMA at a clinic and have only been there for three week so I'm still finding my way around.

I was was rooming an elderly pt with her grandson and the grandson said her behavior had changed suddenly 2 days ago, sudden signs of dementia, walking around in the middle of the night. In the room with me she started arguing with him that he wasn't her grandson and she wanted her grandson right now.

I thought of of all the reading I do on here and how the mind and body can have this connection. I remembered there are quite a few reasons that can explain this behavior but the only one that I could really think of was a UTI. When someone presents with typical symptoms I am allowed to run the test before the Dr enters the room. But this wasn't typical symptoms so I went in search of my Dr who was with another pt.

I asked for advice from another Dr who asked what other symptoms she has. She did have back pain but I didn't ask if she had any burning when urinating. My stupid mistake but she may not have shown those signs anyway, right? That Dr said if she doesn't have any burning when urinating don't run the test.

I found out the next day from a cohort that my Dr personally helped her to the bathroom and ran the test. I don't know if she had a UTI or not but it felt good that because of you all I was thinking the right way. I am thinking I should have a talk with the Dr I work with and see if in those cases I should run a urinalysis for her or wait for her ok. But I just want to wait for a little time to pass from this case.

Again thanks for the wealth of information you all share here.

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I just wanted to thank you guys and gals.
And thank you for your participation here, too. Without members who post their questions and comments, this site wouldn't have grown to what it is today. :)