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I've been a registered nurse four months. I would like to take a time out from "nurses eating their young" posts and every bad/sad story I have read to say thank you. Thank you for not acknowledging that my question is stupid but answering it anyway. Thank you for being patient while it takes me soooo long to hook up that piggy back. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn something that seems like common sense to you.And most importantly... Thank you for having the patience with a brand new nurse. Everyday brings me a new experience. Every compliment you give me feels like gold, every time you trust me to do it on my own validates me, every time you leave me to handle a situation I know I can't handle gives me confidence in myself.Don't think we don't realize what you give us. I will remember each and every one of you for what you taught me about treating patients(not the disease) and myself. I am fortunate.

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Sounds like you have a great preceptor!


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Hear, hear!!!!! (new nurse here, too)

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Thank you! Over the years my overall experience has also been excellent thanks to the generous nurses and physicians who have positively shaped the provider I am today. :)


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Thank you for taking the time to express your gratitude.

How refreshing it is to read something really positive.....instead of complaints, sarcasm, negativity of all sorts.

So again.....THANK YOU!!!!!!

The best to you as you continue your nursing journey.


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How nice and refreshing! So kind of you.

I've been in the medical field for 20 years now and I still appreciate every experience along the way, good and bad. We live, we learn, we grow.

There was one coworker who would clash with me and others because she is very intelligent and at the time felt that if everyone did not rise to her level they were less than. I talked with her about how I felt and that I liked being around smarter people so I can learn from them but not if it was shoved down my throat. She chilled and she is one of my friends now.

As a preceptor and a mentor, I'm proud that you are experiencing such a good orientation. I strive to do this with my mentee. In fact, I'm on vacation but I texted her yesterday to tell her to add a drug to her flash cards to look up. (Amiodarone) I really care about her succeeding because it's serious. It's life and death. It's not so much about a reflection on me, but that's nice too. I know that she needs a good professional foundation and I hope I'm part of that experience in the best way possible. I want to say that yes, Nurse J can take care of me and my family.

Congratulations on your new role and happy nursing!


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You're welcome! Make sure your grand gesture makes it to the ears of those who have precepted you, both permanently and intermittently.

And strive to be that nurse when you move from your role as new graduate RN to someone with more experience. Remember how you appreciated so much patience and knowledge that was extended to you and extend that to other new nurses. Keep the circle going and break the NETY perception!


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I love to precept new nurses, nursing students and the EMTs. I hope everyone shows the same compassion that you received! Nursing is a 24/hr job and we can't do it all alone.

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Love absolutely LOVE this post!!!!!❤❤❤