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Thank you Students CNA PCT And Nurses

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i have been interested in becoming an RN FOR ABOUT 20 years I just this summer finished pre reqs I am now. In PCT CLASSES ( Patient Care Tech)

i was able to obtain a Dialysis Tech Training job last year after that first year I realized that was not what I wanted to do while trying to get accepted into an RN program (Now here is wher you all come in) I am so inspired by all that I read here to keep on the road to RN

I enrolled in PCT School because I feel that is where I will get a good foundation for Nursing school I just finished class today and start clinical on Monday

I originally was into nursing for the security and money but after all these years of working my goal I have developed a deeper feeling for health care I can now understand what people in the healthcare field mean when they say they love this job that love they have is my inspiration to move on I WANT THAT LOVE I would like to hear from any one here on ALLNURSES

Again I want to thank all of you for the Inspiration

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I always find it funny when people say they want to go into nursing for the money:wacky: Starting out at 20-25 an hour is nothing, considering all nurses do; the hours they work; the continued education that needs to be done; etc. But it's good to hear that you have found a passion in what you do. Because without that, a career in healthcare would be unbearable. Become a nurse because you love healing, teaching, helping others. Nursing is a thankless, dirty, stressful job. Becoming a PCT will give you a better idea of what to expect. And if you enjoy being a PCT (and still have that passion) then I'm sure you will do just fine in nursing. Best of Luck!

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