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Thank you, nursing school gods.


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First day of final semester - advanced med-surg - yesterday, and that the good Lord, my professor actually teaches, it seems, rather than just reading bullet points on a ppt.

After pedi and OB last semester being made up of monotonous, dont-ask-questions-in-class powerpoint reading and mispronouncing - (or skipping entirely the (important) words they didn't want to attempt), it appears my good deeds are going to be rewarded with a professional instructor.

A bunch of students were talking together after the class, and the relief in the hallway was palpable.

We might just make it to the final HESI and graduation after all!

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I'm glad things have improved for you for this last semester :)

I had the same experience. I assumed it was because our program director was in the lecture hall with us. One other student and I commented to each other during a break that the lecture was different than before. We will see if it keeps up. We are down to 53 students and hopefully all of us will graduate in May!



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Ahh I hear that!! My Micro prof this semester LOVES to teach. She even writes old-skool notes on the board (gasp) and doesn't use power point! So each thing she talks about, because she's writing it down, she explains very thoroughly with lots of time for questions.

I just want to copy+paste her into all my classes! :D

What a change from my Anatomy & Physiology profs last term! Love it!

You are cracking me up. I mean a bad string of professors is no laughing matter. I am happy for you though. My A&P II teacher was WONDERFUL, come to find out she has been teaching it for 16 years, and it showed. My CHM 121 teacher is wonderful too.

It's nice when you have a teacher that is so good that you almost don't have to study...even though you still do!

Our instructors told us last semester that they had been 'babying' us too much. They discussed not giving us their PP's online to print out. They wanted us to take notes instead. OK, they have about 75 PP slides in 50 minutes of lecture and I became SO frustrated trying to keep up and take notes! I was going nuts in the middle of writing and they would change the slide. :bluecry1: They don't want us to follow along in the book and highlight what they talk about either, just take notes.

I am older than or the same age as several of them. I remember the days of taking notes! WE had instructors who wrote on the board (as the last poster noted) and we listened and wrote at the same time. WE LEARNED! WE COULD KEEP UP! They are the ones, in my opinion, who are spoiled, just teaching from the power point by reading it to us. That is not a lecture.

So far this semester is better. Our Psych nursing lecture today was terrific. She integrated a film that we discussed, our homework that we brought to class to discuss and her VAST knowledge. She had my rapt attention.

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