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Thank you to allnurses.com

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by NightNurseRN13 NightNurseRN13 (Member) Member

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I haven't posted much on here, but I visit pretty often and want to say thank you for this excellent resource!

I can go back and look at my posts asking for help with care plans and now if you were to have me do one it would take 10 minutes opposed to the 7 hours it took before.

This site has been an excellent resource for information and also a place to visit to remind you that you are not alone and the feelings you are feeling are so very common.

I am in my last semester and have somehow maintained all A's and B's, I'd like to say that part of that is because of the community you all have created here.

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traumaRUs - Judy has 27 years experience as a MSN, APRN, CNS and specializes in Nephrology, Cardiology, ER, ICU.

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Wow......how nice. Thanks so much......congrats on your upcoming graduation!!!!

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