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4th semester nursing student


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I am in a nursing program that just transitioned over into a new curriculum called "concept based" learning. They went away from teaching individual courses such as peds, maternity, mental health, and MS. Into teaching a bit of each course throughout the semester with the next semester building on the previous semester. I would like to get some feedback from other students who are learning under this concept and see how well they are doing.

Also, I would like to see what 4th semester students are required to do in order to complete and pass their 4th semester.

My program requires

1 math calculation exam at the beginning of semester

complete 16 each-12 hour shift with a nurse facilitator.

2 case studies-APA style

2 group projects-1 digital story

1 geriatric visit

4 exam-with 12 modules of study topics

4 quizzes- with 12 modules of study topics

10 EKG strips assignments

16 clinical experience journal

2-8 hour peds clinical

SopranoKris, BSN, MSN, RN, NP

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We're not concept-based, but the work assignments are pretty much on par with what we're required to do. In fact, we have a few more APA papers to write and 8 exams total in the last semester. Even our clinical paper work has to have APA references to support our EBP & patho.