4th attempt and PASSED!


I give utmost thanks to God and all the glory for my victory against my Goliath (aka nclex). I couldn't and wouldn't have gotten through this without Him.

I graduated from an LPN program, September 2013. I tested 3 times since graduation and passed on July 22nd 2015. I had a hard time in school, but received a lot of support. While in school, my mother passed away and that really had a traumatic impact on me. I am NOT your regular nursing students, and I think the program I entered gave me more than I can chew. It has one of the highest nclex passing rate in my county. Yet, I could not pass the nclex. I spent $850 on review products alone (thank God for a supportive husband). And literally felt like this was going to be my last try (since so far I had spent $600 on applying for the nclex not including B.O.N. fees).

So here's what FINALLY worked for me. A friend shared with me her Evolve-Elsevier study material (that was given to them at school). It's an online review composed of 10 modules and came with 100 questions for each module. It says its a 16 week course. The name of the review is Hesi/Saunders Online Review for NCLEX-PN examination by Linda Anne Silvestri. I kid you not, it is THE best review and surprisingly worked well for me since I had tried Hurst, this Kaplan review book on how to answer questions, Garrison Online review

Now since I was equipped with the online review, I still felt like I needed more (less is more sometimes though), so I got the Nclex-PN mastery 2015 app

I am offering everything I have to you, because someone helped me through all this after I had exhausted my every hope. I will first pray for you, and give you any of the study materials that you need. All you have to do in return, is pass it on to the next person that needs help too,please.

My journey to becoming an LPN was not easy but I am grateful that the Lord sustained me, and didn't allow me to give up. I am now licensed because of Him. Thank you for reading.