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I was accepted into nursing school starting this fall, and I was wondering where the best place to get textbooks would be. any and all suggestions are welcome. thank you, jon


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if you're like the rest of us, you need to watch the almighty dollar and stretch it as much as you can. try craigslist first, you just might get lucky. try the classes ahead of you, they may also be helpful in giving you lecture notes or pointers on non-required text that will help you out. there are several different search engines out there for textbooks and last, don't be afraid to consider renting a textbook. especially if it's one that you might not want to keep. also, some students in my class are sharing a textbook (one that is not used daily and forces them to study at specific hours with each other). hope this helps just a little bit and congrats on getting into nursing school!:yeah:

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http://www.barnesandnoble.com (you can also get used books here too. And if you become a member you can receive discounts)

http://www.chegg.com (a book rental place)

and take advantage of your libraries interlibrary loan.

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ecampus.com is another one


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i've had great luck on ebay...just bought my microbiology book (retail $180) for $32.95. there are a few sellers on there that stock a pretty fair amount of textbooks. i've also used mbs books but your school has to be affiliated with them. good luck!!


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Type the ISBN of the book you need into a search engine. Then compare prices. Most semesters I found that buying used on Amazon got me the best price. After the semester, selling on Ebay got more money than the buy-back at school.

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I rented from chegg.com and was very happy with it.

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I use amazon.com to buy and then I sell through a local online classifieds that is specific to my area. Has worked out great for me! I can buy them for half the price (if not less!) than the bookstore and turn around and sell for practically the same amount once I'm done with them. Has saved me soo much money!

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