Textbook w/CD for CCCOnline Science Classes necessary?


Hello Everyone!

I'm hoping some of you might be able to shed some light on this. I am in the process of ordering textbooks for my BIO111 and BIO201 courses through CCCOnline. Have any of you found it useful to have the textbook with the CD, or did it not help out with the class? I know some of you used the publishers website for further help, but I wasn't sure if I would need the CD to access that information.

Thanks in advance!! ;)

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Hi Orchid09, :)

I've never had any CDs with my Bio books and only ever had one, with stats (which was useless). However, I did purchase the CD A&P Revealed separately and it was great. I saw it mentioned on the back of the text and bought it off eBay.

I am a firm believer in using the publisher sites to supplement your studying. I have found an occasional question pulled directly off the publisher sites, so I always do the tests and find the answers in the book, underlying them. BTW for 201, I never took notes. I used my text exclusively, writing in the margins and highlighting only. Find out what works for you and go with it, I tried notes but they took way, way too long. So, I ended up highlighting the stuff I would have copied down instead.

I plan on using a similar plan with Patho and have already bought my book for fall (1800 pages!!!) so I can start 'setting it up'. If you want to know what I do, Ill be glad to tell you, I'm just trying to trim down my posts! lol


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I don't think I ever used the CDs in a book if they were even there. I too use the resources on the textbook's website and always find them very helpful (at the very least they usually supply one or two practice quizzes).


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Awesome thanks!