Textbook costs at Adelphi! -- Rant/ Prepare yourself!


Hey everyone, not sure if there is a similar post like this somewhere, but I thought I would make one to let you know the ADDITIONAL costs associated with the nursing program at Adelphi. I am not sure if other schools are like this as well or if it is just here but if it is please post because it would be great to know I am not alone! lol. So in addition to the higher tuition and extra fee of a "nursing package" that you have to pay once you register, there is approximately 500$ on a nursing fundamentals textbook bundle that comes with dvds so you cant really shop it elsewhere. Then 220$ for a nursing central application that you need to have on your phone for when you are in clinicals in the hospital (however last semester we had an entire section in class on not using your cellphone in a hospital setting because of HIPPA laws) which also forces you to get a smartphone if you do not have one (most people do already but still) THEN you have to purchase an EHR program called Neehr perfect which is 60$, Adelphis scrubes 160$, a stethoscope approx 80-90$ after shipping, and additional books because the bundle package doesnt include everything which is another 200$. Granted a bunch of these books are used for the following semester, and most nurses claim they still refer back to them once they get a job but SERIOUSLY?! This is craziness!! At the very least can we just download these textbooks to a nook or something?? They are literally the size of half a dictionary! Anyway rant over, just wanted to give everyone a heads up this is what you are looking forward to if you go to Adelphi!


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This is very much in line with the requirements at my school. I suspect with many (most?) other nursing programs as well.

One tiny piece of info that may be helpful, is you can have the bindings cut off your books and the contents three hole punched (or rebound in sections) so you don't have to carry the entire thing around.

The e-book sounds good but it wouldn't work for me in anything I needed to study or use as reference as opposed to simply reading. I do too much flipping between pages, bookmarking, etc. for that to work well.

I keep meaning to put some personalized reference pages on my kindle but haven't gotten around to it yet. I haven't quite convinced myself it will be that much better than the paper reference pages I make.


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I already bought the textbooks since we had assignments due the first day of classes... plus just went to my first day of clinical last week to find out the app I bought for 220 can absolutely not be used in the hospital I am doing my clinical in. So now what, do I get a refund? Nope, no refunds... I am hoping I have the use it in class or when im at home throughout the semester.