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Wow... lots of textbooks posts this time of year.

Two quick questions. First, I purchased my kit of books today and more than 1/2 of them are soft cover. Many of these books are used all three semesters, so does anyone have any tips to keeping the books in decent shape. They are not hole punched, so i can not throw them in binders, and the thought of tearing the pages out to hole punch and put in a binder is scary!!

Secondly, to highlight or not to highlight that is the question. As I said, I will use these text books for three semesters (plus studying for NCLEX), so the chances of selling at the end is slim to none. I have never highlighted in a textbook before, does it get distracting to some? How does highlighting help you??

Thanks for the assistance! Good luck to everyone starting school soon!!!

In LPN school we were given objectives, kind of like a list of questions and what you needed to know for each section test.

I would highlight the objective as I was reading and wrote notes around then, which helped me study for the tests.

I also answered all tests at the end of the chapters.

I never sold my books, I still have them.

It kind of depends most of my teachers have power point notes during class and they post them befor class so what I do is I usually leave my books at home and print off the notes befor class, it reduces wear and tear on the books and it is much lighter!

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