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Has anyone applied to the BSN program at Texas Tech in the last year or two? I am hoping to get some information about this program and what type of experience others have had with them.

You may either respond here or just send me a PM.



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While I was a student at an LVN program in Lubbock I heard several things about the Tech program. The most interesting thing was that they were in jeopardy of losing their accreditation. There were also rumors at the hospital I did my rotations in that the nurses were not prepared after graduating. These were both just rumors so I would just check out the program real well. Lubbock is a great place and Texas Tech is a beautiful school plus they have the health science center that I've heard great things about. Good luck!!


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Thanks Texas Native

If anyone else has any current information on the Texas Tech BSN nursing program, please let me know.

Cheers Tara

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I'm in an ADN program in New Mexico and planning on moving to Lubbock next summer to work at UMC. After a year they will pay for my RN-BSN program. Texas Tech's program for the RN-BSN is totally online now and costs $10,000. They were recruiting at our school, their program has had some ups and downs, but seems to have fixed what is wrong. They seem to have a good reputation. HTH


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