Has anyone done travel nursing to Texas? Looking for a good agency. First time traveling. Also curious about the Texas BON test...Any advice??

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Texas is notorious for not being friendly to travelers. However it really just depends on where you work. Not every place will be the same. Agencies are dime a dozen and it is to your benefit to look for more than one agency to work with. I have found the smaller the better pay in Texas. Also for the jurisprudence test, don't freak out. You can look at the Texas BON website while taking the test. At least you use to have that ability. Remember, no matter what people say protect your license and use Safe Harbor when you feel it is unsafe patient care. I personally never had an issue with safety, but others have and Texas hospitals are known for high acuity with high nurse to patient ratio. Hope some of this information helps! Enjoy your first assignment!


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I would suggest a search on this topic in this forum. No need to rehash it every month. You will find lots of interesting reading!

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Regardless of state or city you want to work in, its actually the individual hospitals that you need be concerned with. Allnurses is a great resource to search for a specific hospital and find reviews from nurses/travelers who share their experiences there. It is easy to get your temporary license in TX by submitting paperwork...I don't recall there being a test when I did it. Make sure your agency reimburses you for the cost of getting licensed in each state you go to...if they don't, move on to the next.

As for agencies, all agencies have good and bad reviews. You can take the time to call different companies and you might find a good recruiter that isn't shady, but then again you might not.