Texas RNs arrested for patient advocacy!

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2 nurses in Midland TX has been fired and arrested after contacting the Texas Medical Board about a physician they felt was giving substandard care. The medical board informed the physician, who then filed a harassment complaint with the local sheriff.

The anonymous letter to the board contained 6 medical record numbers as examples of the doc's poor care, and the letter contained enough clues to their identity that the sheriff was able to identify the 2 nurses during his investigation and they were promptly arrested for misuse of personal information. The hospital fired them for violating a policy that stated the hospital must be informed prior to reporting anyone to the board.

If this can happen in Texas, it can happen to you! I urge you to contact your state's board of nursing and nurse's association to express your outrage over this. I also suggest you find out if your facility has a similar policy in place.


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