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Texas RN license endorsement



I have a couple questions on RN license endorsement in Texas. I reside out of Texas. On IdentoGO website, do I click on Texas state then online scheduling? Then mail FAST PASS with fingerprint card to MorphoTrust? Is this correct process? Also, how long did it take to receive temporary and permanent license? Thanks in advance!

HouTx, BSN, MSN, EdD

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Refer to the TxBON website for explicit instructions. There's a step-by-step process outlined. If you have questions, call the TXBON.

I recently went through the process of endorsing my PA RN license to TX RN license. I found the finger printing part a little confusing but after figuring it out. Instead of doing it online, I decided to call IdentoGo to register my ink card submission. Then I went on the TX BON and requested for a finger print card. I received the card within a week. There after, I went to my local police department and got my finger prints done (for free :)) and sent them to indentoGO along with a check.

I also had to do the verification on my PA license. Being they do not use nursys.com. That had to be done by mailing in a form which I printed off the TX BON website. Of course my last step was to take the jurisprudence test.

The whole process took 8 weeks. I put in my application 12/9 and only got my permanent license 2/5/2015.