Texas requires doctorate in 2015 for APRN?


My health care provider who is a FNP said that by 2015 in Texas, future nurse practitioners will be required to become DNPs.

I am wondering if this is true - I figured she would know, but I really want to find it somewhere in writing. I have seen this topic floating around Allnurses, but it seems there are many differing opinions and I really want to find a definitive answer!

I am starting an ADN program school this fall and hoped to eventually become a FNP. Since I am already almost 40 getting a doctorate at this point seems daunting! I hoped to go directly from RN-MSN.

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The place to find this "in writing" would be from the BON website on what it takes to obtain a license.

please post the answer when you find it.

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Ok, I found it and this is what it says,

[h=3]"APRN Education[/h]Doctor of Nursing Practice DegreeWithin the last year, there has been a great deal of discussion at the national level about the doctor of nursing practice degree. This degree is promoted by professional organizations such as the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN)....

The Texas Board of Nursing has not discussed this issue and does not have a position on the issue at this time. Additionally, although the board would never discourage nurses from furthering their education, nothing in current rules requires that advanced practice registered nurses be educated at the doctoral level to obtain licensure in an advanced practice role and population focus."