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I have a simple NON LEGAL question to ask anyone who this may have happened to. Have you ever had a check bounce and cause a warrant to be issued and get deferred adjudication for it? I am only curious as for I am filling out a petition and I am being honest and up front with the BON, and I wanted to know has anyone ever had that happen to them before and if so, what did the BON do for you? Thank you.

I was 19 when this happened and now I am 24, any personal advice is welcomed.

Again I am not asking for legal advice, I am asking for personal experience. Thank you



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Haven't had that happen, but here's my best guess:

They'll address it on a case by case basis, using the information you provide them about the event, do a background check, make sure you were compliant with whatever sentence you were given, and weigh your behaviors before and since.

Your complete honesty will ultimately work in your favor.


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Thank you I appreciate it very much. I have written a professional letter of remorse and explanation to the board and i still have to have my fingerprints ran, i was completely honest in my letter and application. I pray all goes well and please say a prayer for me as well. Thank you.

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as stated by pennyaline, this will be addressed on a case-by-case basis by your bon.

and, as you probably know, after successful "deferred adjudication", there will be records that are public:

  • original arrest record
  • record of the action of the court

the latter will have your signature and plea of guilty or no contest. and, the bon looks at this as a conviction.

you have done the correct thing by being honest with your bon and hope they look upon this favorably.

since the members of allnurses.com cannot answer your legal question, we must close this thread. good luck with this.

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