Working Moms

  1. I was wondering how most of you are juggling work and home. I'm 30yrs young and I have 5 darling little girls ages 9yr-2yr. The three oldest kids are in school and the other 2 are in preschool/daycare. My husband works from 6am-5pm. I usually work the night shift 7pm-7am prn. And after 3 weeks of working a full time schedule I'm done. I need at least a week to recover. Anyone else worn out?
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  3. by   danissa
    HOLY BEJESUS!!!:spin: 5 Wee Girls!! no wonder you are worn out Babe! Both you and your hubby need great big medals for the time you put in working to keep your babies...and I'm sure you keep them well!

    Dont think I will moan ever again after reading your post! How fab are you!!!!!!!

    Best of luck to you both and your darling girls, one day you WILL look back and be able to take a breath!