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  1. I would love to hear from nurses currently or recently working at Parkland and what your thoughts are on working there? I recently interviewed for a RN I position (not a residency) and got a very strong vibe that I would be offered the position. My profile now says "offer in progress" so I would love to hear first hand from some staff and nurses about what they think of Parkland. I was told the training would be only 3 weeks on the floor with another nurse, which kinda scares me. Also, the position is for dayshift but in the interview they said they would hire me to be on nights until December when a dayshift nurse leaves.

    Parkland is known for its diversity and for being very busy; do you feel like the training you got at Parkland was enough, and the staff have each others back? How are the benefits? Is there hospital training as well as floor training?

    Thanks in advance!!
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    Three weeks on the floor with another nurse is more than adequate if you are experienced in the specialty you will be working in.

    I do not work and have not worked at Parkland but know many who do and have. It really all depends on what floor you are on.