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Hi everyone, I was just accepted into BSN program at West Coast University in Dallas TX for fall 2012. Has anyone graduated from this school? If so, was your experience positive or negative? Are... Read More

  1. by   HeroesHalo
    I guess that is one way to look at it. So, what are you going to do?
  2. by   anaw
    I am waiting for Uta first. Uta will let me know end of October onlyafter that I will make my decision because I also applied for WGU as a back up plan and WGU it is much cheaper than WCU. TCC is also an option ( but unfortunately is only ADN program , not a bachelor's).
  3. by   svh040789
    I am also waiting to hear from UTA. This whole process is nerve-racking! If I don't get in I'm definitely going with WCU .. I'm not waiting around another year. It is a little costly but I'm done with prereqs anyway. As far as the Hesi goes, most nursing schools test you after each semester anyways. I'm just tired odds waiting around.. something has got to give! We have worked too hard to just sit around. I go to a information session Friday I will share any new info! Good luck to all of us...
  4. by   rahoma91
    I go to UTA but I am also waiting to hear back from other schools. If I don't get in then I will be attending WCU for sure. Yes it's expensive but i feel like I don't have any options just waiting around like this and I don't want to change my major. Y'all keep me updated on y'alls progress now. I'll be sure to check this forum often. It has helped finalize my decision.
  5. by   svh040789
    I went to an information session today..it is a nice campus! Each semester runs about 12,300 not much different than TCU. Plus if you have all the prereqs(most of us waiting do) your only going for 5 semesters which is about 80 weeks..about a year and a half. They require 2 classes you take with them...a humanities course and med terminology. They are accredited by CCNE and WASC and approved by the Board of Nursing. 9 weeks on and 1 week off so your in school all year and you get finished quicker. 92.5% pass rate for NCLEX, 76% is considered passing for each class so their not joking. I was sold today if UTA does not accept me...here I come WCU. 5 start dates Jan, April, June, Aug, and November. Think I hit the main points.
  6. by   anaw
    If I am not accepted for UTA I will start in January at WCU
  7. by   svh040789
    Not 80 weeks, about 90 sorry guys!
  8. by   FutureRNcrystal
    I'll be starting in January! I'm so excited about this school. I've been waiting for this opportunity. I'm ready to become an RN.
  9. by   svh040789
    Yes It Is Very Exciting! If I Don't Get Into UTA I Will Be Starting In June...I Still Need Speech And Nutrition. I Rather Take Them @ TCC & Pay Out Of Pocket..So Maybe Ill See You There. C:
  10. by   DFWnurse2be
    Curious about the application process for WCU? What additional classes did you all need compared to UTA? How long did it take for you to hear something back once you applied? Did you have to have all course work complete at the time of your application? Trying to figure out other options in case my news from UTA is not great....
  11. by   svh040789
    You need speech and nutrition. Once you are accepted into the school you're a nursing student. Each semester is 10 weeks.
  12. by   svh040789
    Don't have to have all courses done to be accepted they offer prereqs courses as well.
  13. by   lth1123
    Is West Coast University accredited? I looked on the NLNAC and couldn't find their name. So, I wasn't sure if the site hadn't updated or what. This is a hefty price tag to not have proper accreditation.