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  1. dozens of nurses in the dallas / fort worth area have had our careers destroyed by group one. the local hospitals have resorted to using this service as a discipline for employees who stand up to management. this type of mafia or gestapo type tactics are forcing nurses to form unions. it's time for our elected officials to protect our rights and protect the innocent from persecution.

    [color=#085241]quality assurance for the staffing process[color=#085241]seven hospitals met to address a shared challenge.
    in 1987, hospitals were experiencing escalating insurance costs and employment actions. hospitals, as employers, needed complete, accurate and timely work history information yet the reference information was not forthcoming. dates and title were the only verifications being given. we had to do better.
    initially, several dfw hospitals, representing 55 percent full-time equivalent of employees, agreed to provide the critical volume necessary to make the initiative a reality. dr. ron anderson, parkland hospital chief executive officer, said at the time, "we need to make this work. our patients depend upon us to have the right employees caring for them."
    in june, 1988, trustees voted for the development of a database employment reporting service to reduce risk and assist in the appropriate placement of employees. exactly one year later, 25 hospitals agreed to become charter clients, and a modem operation transmitted data between clients and our database.
    today, groupone has grown to over 350 healthcare-exclusive employers in several states. information is communicated through the internet, and employers have instant access to meaningful data.

    [color=#085241]groupone top ten most unwanted applicants[color=#085241]october 2005
    we survey all pre-employment screening reports to determine ten of the most startling facts applicants conveniently fail to communicate on their hospital employment applications. our "top ten most unwanted," include the following:
    10. licensed vocational nurse - discharged for failure to comply with company policy.
    9. rn maternal care unit - discharged for code of conduct / ethical issue.
    8. computer operations supervisor - discharged for gross misconduct.
    7. coordinator medical staff services - discharged for falsification of records.
    6. patient care technician - discharged for possession of / positive drug or alcohol.
    5. nurse assistant ii - felony, possession of cocaine under 28 grams - 5 years probation.
    4. nurse intern - misdemeanor, deadly conduct - 1 year probation.
    3. respiratory therapist - felony, sexual assault - 10 years probation.
    2. certified nurse assistant- felony injury to a child - 6 years probation.

    1. applicant - felony, indecency with a child - contact - 5 years confinement.
    mailing address:
    groupone services
    250 decker drive
    irving, tx 75062
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    main number: (972) 719-4900
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    Many of us already know about Group One, as numerous threads have been started about the organization. Thanks anyway.