Venting about UTHSCSA

  1. Ok, so I wanted to get some opinions on this. I will be receiving my biology degree from UT in May and decided after that to go the nursing school. I applied to UTHSCSA hoping I had a chance because on their website they claim that a 3.0 and higher prereq GPA was a competitive GPA to have. I also applied to come others, but this was the one I really had my hopes on. Well, in Feb. they sent a letter with all my transcripts and what classes were accepted and all, and that my prereq GPA was a 3.23. The letter stated that their were some classes that I needed to finish and that I needed to contact them immediately to let them know that I would finish up the classes, and if I did not contact them my application would be ineligible. So I contacted them THAT DAY b/c not only did I want them to know that I would be taking the classes, I also had a question on why they would not accept my two general chemistry classes I took to complete my bio degree. The woman in the registrar's office was very nice, explained why they did not accept that chem. from UT and said that she would record that I had called and would be finishing my prereqs. Well, I still had not heard from them by Monday, so I sent an e-mail asking when the letters would be sent out. This morning I got a replay saying that my application had never even been looked at because I had never called to make sure I would be completing the class, which is completely untrue! So I immediately called the registrars office and the woman who picked up was no help at all. She asked me if I remembered who I talked to (which I don't even think I bothered to ask that persons name at all, thinking it wouldn't be a problem) and then basically told me, "well, it doesn't matter that your application was never reviewed, because the lowest GPA we accepted this semester was a 3.55, which you do not have." So basically she made me feel like an idiot for even applying. The she had the nerve to ask me if I wanted to keep my application active for next semester. I am really mad, because I did what I needed to do, plus even though I maybe didn't have a chance to get in right now, that still means nothing for if they end up sending out more letters later this summer after they know who is actually coming into their school. I want to write a formal letter of complaint to the dean because I think this is totally wrong, but I feel like I have no proof I called because I don't remember the name of the person I talked to. Anybody know anything about UTHSCSA? Should I be upset about this?
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  3. by   YoungWiseWoman
    Hi Ashley,

    I am sorry for what happened to you. Trust me, I know the feeling all too well. The same thing happened to me with UT-Galveston, although they are separate campuses. Of course you have a right to be upset because as you stated, you did what you were supposed to do. I would write the letter to the dean, just so they can have it in writing that you did call, and that you took all the appropriate actions. IMO, I think that some schools do that because they get soooo many applicants, and so many are qualified they don't want to look over all over that paperwork. So they say something was wrong on your part that disqualified you. I would just say keep your head up because everything happens for a reason. I thought I really wanted to go to TWU, but now that I am in at another school I absolutely love it and could not manage going anywhere else. Plus, I have heard things about other programs that make me glad they just threw my application to the side. Don't give up and apply EVERYWHERE! The place that was last on your list, may be the best place for you...I am speaking from experience.
  4. by   kea6783
    Just wanted to add to the vent, and say that I called in early July to get info on their Open House, and all was well.

    So I drive from Houston to the open house and the Person that usually runs the Open House and has all the undergrad info was on a leave of absence and the other person who could help was on vacation. The open house was the biggest waste of time, the woman was just making us feel like idiots. She told us not to worry, that we could email the two women who were gone and they would be back at the End of Aug- only days before our applications would be due! Give me a break!

    I was really irritated when she said, "you will need to pass a math test, we need to know you can add and subtract." How condescending! I wanted to say- "Hey lady, we all just took math statistics- I think we can add and subtract, can YOU?"

    She lectured for an hour and a half, lost my attention after the first five minutes. What a waste of time. I was irritated to say the least. I should have been told when I called to "sign up" for the Open House that the resources would be MIA!