UTs vs TWU vs Texas A&M (transfering) and HESI Qs

  1. Hey, I want to start working on my applications to start going to another school in Spring 2012. Right now, I'm at Houston Community College, working on my prereqs. So far, I'm looking at any of the UTs, (UTsa, UT at Arlington, UT at Houston), TWU, and Texas A&M and I would like to know if anyone have any personal pros and cons about these schools? I've heard a lot of negative things about Texas A&M but the comments were in 2010 so hopefully the program is better. With TWU, I'm confused about taking the HESI, later in this post. Same with the UTs.

    About the HESI, I had 2 peers telling me that the HESI at one school is different from another school. I do not find anything about this on any websites so can someone confirm to me that this is false? (Not a "urm... I don't about that" "..okay..." *gives funny look* these responses tells me that they're unsure.) Also, Everyone of these schools needs the HESI A2, why isn't there any that wants HESI A1? And with these schools, can't I take one HESI test at Houston Community College and submit them to UTs, A&M, and TWU? (Like one does with SAT scores?).

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    I guess no one knows anything about it
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    The HESI A2 is a national test from my understanding and the questions come from a bank of questions...kind of like SATs! Schools however get to pick which sections they want. So A&M requires math, reading, a&p, vocab and then critical thinking and 2 personality tests...but another school may require the chemistry section on top of that. So if you are applying to multiple schools it is best to take all sections. If one school doesn't require a section you took then they simply take it out and make a new cumlative score. I am 99.9% positive TWU does not use the HESI any more they switched to the TEAS test. You can take the HESI any place that proctors it...just get on elseviers website to make an appt. in your area that you would like with the sections you want to take.

    I can not offer you pro's and con's on the schools because i do not go to one yet. But I know TWU is a great school, my mom went to the one in dallas and has been one of the best nurses I know (this is kind of bias). I applied to a&m and I am praying I get in. I have heard mixed reviews but I know i want to go there. They have a brand new facility with a 33,000 square foot simulation lab. I go to a&m and want to stay here a little longer because I love the aggie atmosphere. I also love the fact that classes are only 33 students.

    I hope I answered a few of your questions. PM me or post on here and I will answer any other questions you may have.

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    I have the same ideas about A&M, I even have a friend over there too who's been telling me about it. But, I kept hearing bad reviews from this site about the instructors at A&M. But I'm going to try to apply to A&M. I hope you can get in, you have a really good hearted reason to go.

    TWU's stuff about HESI and THEAS test did confuse me a bit too. When I went to their website, one link says HESI, another says TEAS. A friend of mine just got into TWU, and she told me she only did the HESI. She's in it now. So I don't know for sure if it means the new comings have to take the THEAS now.

    I thought that HESI is a national test and I didn't find anything else that said otherwise. But the people who told me that each schools takes different "HESI"s, maybe they were talking about a loophole. Like, if you take the HESI and send it only to Prairie View and UT, then take another HESI and only send that score to UTA and Baylor. So I guess, in the school's mind, they only see 'one' score from that student.

    There's TWO personality tests? It didn't say that in the sections required. Are you sure there's another one?

    Also, do you have any clue if when they say grammar, it also means "general knowledge and grammar" ?

    I can't find any HESI tests that has a section called "general knowledge."
  6. by   aggie2012
    There isn't two personality tests its one personality test and a learning style but I clumpled them together as personality because learning style has to do with one's personailty haha. These two sections and critical thinking do not effect your cumlative score. TAMU's website says vocab and general knowledge (it was one section). I have no idea why it is called that but basically vocab was all vocab terms but if you have "general knowledge" you will be fine. Like one of the questions on mine vocab had to do with a theory. I learned it in a few of my health classes but it wasn't your normal vocab question.

    For TWU i believe they only used the HESI for one application period and then switched to TEAS. A simple phone call to the school can answer your question about it though...i would inform them about it saying 2 different things on their website so they are aware of it.

    and about each school taking different HESI's, I have only heard HESI A2 used for entrance tests maybe they are talking about what I explained previously one school may require more or less sections than another school.